About Tatsat - A Socially Conscious Store

With a focus on triple bottom line, Tatsat a retail store in Hauz Khas works as a bridge between marginalized producers and markets. Established as ‘Shop with a cause’ in Delhi, it offers most of the products sourced from either NGOs, self-help groups, green producers or budding entrepreneurs.

Uniquely curated, our products include a handpicked selection of jewelry, handmade paper, organic skincare, natural aroma, home decor and handwoven textiles including a wide range of saris, suit fabrics, duppattas and stoles.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Teej Bazar was an event organized by Tatsat and AADI in New Delhi on 23rd and 24th July, 2009. These are the pictures with background score by The Baseballs' Crazy with Love

Teej Bazar from Muralidhar Duvvuri on Vimeo.

Jewelery at Tatsat!

Jewelry at Tatsat (tiny) from Muralidhar Duvvuri on Vimeo.

Green Consumer Day!!!

As the world celebrates the Green consumer day on 28th September, the Tatsat team takes this opportunity to thank you for appreciating and using our eco-friendly and recycled products.
To show our commitment towards the cause, we are launching recycled bags made of Jute and fabric and natural fibre bags made of banana fibre, screw pine and cane this September. Now you can even find a wide array of Bonsais and vermi-compost or organic manure in addition to the already existing and very popular range of beautifully potted indoor plants from Green Somethings, at Tatsat.
To spice up things this Green Consumer day, the Tatsat team announces a Limerick (short poem, some fun links about limericks are provided below!) competition for its ‘Green consumer’. Write a Limerick to prove that you are a green consumer and the best limerick gets a FREE potted plant, worth Rs. 350 from “Green Somethings” (www.GreenSomethings.com).
You can email your limerick at tatsat297@gmail.com on or before 28th September or write it on the spot when you come for shopping at Tatsat on or before 28th September. The best Limerick writer will be notified by phone by the September 30th, so don't forget to leave your contact number.
Once again, thank you for being an aware Green customer!



Thursday, May 28, 2009

Green Weekend at Tatsat: 5-7th June 2009

kriti Celebrates World environment day on 2-3 rd June 2009

Come and Join us at the EcoFestival
….celebrating the World Environment Day
…ecohaat, ecoart, ecomovements, ecotalk, ecoreels, ecorhythms, ecocafe…

on 2PPndPP - 3PPrdPP June 2009
American Centre, K.G. Marg, New Delhi

UUProgramme Schedule
Tuesday, 2nd June 2009

12.00 noon – 1.00 pm: Opening of the EcoFestival
Ecohaat, EcoArt installations by Enrico Fabian, Pradip Saha, Pratibha Pande and others….earthern lamp lighting and planting the seed for change…

2.00 pm - 4.00 pm: UUEcoArt workshop 1 - UUNewspaper Bags CAN BECOME Gift Bags - Learn how!
This workshop will take you through the magic of converting mere newspapers first into bags and then into beautiful pieces of art - using different kinds of waste resources like soap wrappers, old invites, waster paper, your fantastic imagination and some paint! You will be surprised how 'arty' and environmentally friendly you can get. You will have a ready to use paper bag replacing plastic bags and thus making your 'ecoart print' to celebrate the World Environment Day. Facilitated by Mrinalini Chawla from the Centre for Creative Expressions and Kriti team members.

4.00 pm – 6.00 pm: UUEcoArt workshop 2UU - Completing the story…from waste to creation!
This workshop will provide you with materials and themes to share your creativity and thought on environment problems, solutions and actions! Paper, Newspaper and Canvas; Cardboard and Fabric; Earthern materials with paints, brushes and more! Come make your own ‘ecoart print’ to celebrate the World Environment Day! The workshop will provide you with materials and themes to share your creativity and thought on environment problems, solutions and actions! Facilitated by an eco heritage expert, Anjali Bharthari, Kokila Singh, friends associated with The Fuschia Tree and Kriti team members.

7 pm: UUEcomovementsUU – ‘Prakriti’, a contemporary dance performance choreographed by Gilles Chuyen, with Emily Rasmussen, Raj Kumar, Rea Krishnatraye, Gilles Chuyen

Wednesday, 3PPrdPP June 2009

12.00 noon – 1 pm: EcoTalk - Slideshow and interactive session on Delhi’s Birds by Ranjit Lal

3.00 pm - 5.00 pm: UUEcoArt workshop 3:UU Creating your own expressions with Music!
Trying to save the environment starts with truly responding to it with gratitude and sensitivity. If we can't, saving it becomes just a clinical exercise, no? So in this workshop, we start with music and our responses to it - and it is those feelings and ideas that we will try to put into art using newspaper, canvas, cardboard, fabric, paper, earthern materials etc - with paints, brushes and more! Come make your own 'ecoart print' to celebrate the World Environment Day! This workshop will provide you with materials and themes to share your creativity and thought on environment problems, solutions and actions! Faciltated by Mrinalini Chawla from the Centre for Creative Expressions and Kriti team members.

6.00 pm: UUEcoReelsUU – Premiere of ‘Kosi Katha’ by Jharna Anurag Singh

7.00 pm: UUEcoRhythmsUU - Unplugged ‘green’ music by Nikhil Mawkin, Clarence Gonsalves, Sai Bhardwaj and others
Don’t miss the EcoHaat; EcoCafe and EcoArt Installations ongoing both days!

Note: This is an open for all festival. Please bring a photo id to facilitate entry into the American Center. The workshops are on for children (12+) and adults. If you can register in advance for the workshops we can keep your seat for sure but if you can’t register earlier don’t let that stop you from coming. A certificate of participation will be given. For further details contact 9910580589/ 26027845/ 9818525384/ HHmailto:space.kriti@gmail.com

Mark your ecofootprint on earth this June!

Kriti team is celebrating 10 years of creative expressions for social change…
Nurture Nature…
make your ecofootprints on Earth each day of the year!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fair Mart @ Tatsat

9-10 May at Tatsat was quite happening. From morning till evening, number of customers took advantage of the discount offers and indulged into irrestible shopping for there was no other alternative. The event also educated the customers about Fair trade and its importance. The bright red colour posters were informative as far fair trade practices are concerned.
There were number of new products launched on that day, esp the sarees and dress materials in Chanderi and Maheshwari.

We thank all our suppliers and customers for their cooperation and making it a succesful event.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soft hands, hard bricks

Women hired by a Contractor breaking bricks to lay foundation for footpath in Hauz Khas.
Note the kids accompanying women.

Great Green Gifts for everyone!

Gifts that bring joy to your loved ones also transform the lives of people
living in poverty who are working to build better lives through trade.

Contact us at:

Address: E-50, Shop no. 3, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016.

Ph. 91-11-41655792

Email: tatsat297@gmail.com