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Thursday, October 28, 2010


When someone mentions the words "home fragrance products", what comes to mind? Candles? Air freshener spray? Plug-in room scents? Now you can add reed diffusers to this list. You might see them in every day use and not realize it. Here are some simple information on what a diffuser is, how do they work, and who uses them.

What is a reed diffuser? A reed diffuser is a home fragrance product that comes in three parts: a bottle/container, scented oil, and reeds. They come in an assortment of shapes, size, and fragrances from a simple clear bottle to a decorative shape jar. To determine which size to use will need to be determined depending on the size of room you plan on using it in. A small reed diffuser will work wonderfully in a bathroom, which is typically small whereas a waiting room in a doctors office will need something larger to ensure the full room will be fragrant.

How do they work? Reed diffusers are quite simple to use as they are safe, do not require a flame like candles and are nearly maintenance free. To get it working simply remove the packaging and set all the elements on a flat surface. Next, uncap the oil and pour the fragrance oil into the empty vessel or uncap the container which the oil is already housed. (Note: some reed diffusers come with the oil ready to be used in the decorative vessel.) Lastly, insert the reeds into the filled vessel and enjoy. The reeds have tiny straw-like openings that run the whole length of the reed. These reeds, when moistened, soaks up the oil and carries it along the whole reed. While some sticks may take a while to absorb the oil, it is recommended to flip the reeds after 1 hour of first inserting them into the oil, to get them working faster.

Who uses diffusers? If you have a room, then you can use a reed diffuser. While most people use reed diffusers in the home in places like the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and living room more and more people are using them outside the home. Reed diffusers can be found in lawyer and doctor's office waiting rooms to help calm clients. Those in nursing homes and retirement places welcome them as they not only hide smells they are pretty to admire. Real estate agents recommend them to decorate sellers homes. Also, diffusers are prevalent in spas and beauty shops honing in the aromatherapy aspect they bring. Since these products are a popular way to make any room smell nice they make great gifts for even the hard to buy for person on your gift giving lists.

Now that the festival season sets in, fill the lives of your near and dear ones with fragrances they can live with, with every breath they take. Alter their lives, their minds, moods and even their healths. Or else gift yourself a beautiful beginning and swirl into the aromatic world of fragrances and feel from within the change, the light, the power! And see how you spread it!

Reed diffusers available at Tatsat-A Socially Conscious Store. Choose your special fragrances like Rose, Jasmine, Lemon Grass and Lavender only at Rs 425!

Smell it! Feel it! Experience the change by rejuvenating yourself!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Incense In Sense- Aromatherapy for good Living

Our homes and workspaces are a reflection of our thoughts, where every corner has its story and each wall has something to say. They encompass the ambiance that generates conditions conducive for our prosperity and growth. But what makes for the perfect ambiance? Is it the vibrant colors in the hallway inviting you into the living area or the chic lighting that brings a room to life? Or is it the flowers on the table that breathe energy into you with their alluring fragrance?
For centuries, naturally aromatic ingredients have been utilised to create a desirable atmosphere. Incense sticks and oils are an essential part of religious ceremonies and rituals. It is believed they have magnetic abilities that can draw positive energy. Each incense has unique properties that can be brought to use in different circumstances.
Aromas can have a significant impact on our emotions. Therefore, blending aromatherapy with your homes and offices in accordance with your emotional characteristics could lead to the creation of balanced professional and personal life. Here are a few popular incenses in correspondance with the situations they could be used in:-
Lavendar- Available in the form of cones, spaghetti sticks and oil, this incense has multiple benefits and is known for its versatile effects on the mind and the body, especially in the wake of depression, stress and anxiety.
Jasmine- If you desire to succeed with confidence then Jasmine is the right incense for you. It is also believed to be an ice cap for those with a volcanic temper.
Chamomile- Dispel fears from your life with crisp and sweet incense of chamomile.
Rose- Let the fragrance of roses wave the wand of happiness and peace for the mind and soul.
Patchouli- Treat tired senses to the incense of patchouli, known for its calming abilities in the event of exhaustion and fatigue.
Sandalwood- This warm and rich incense is believed to be functional in nervous disorders and a great component for meditation sessions.
Other incenses and oils such as Eucalyptus, mint and lemon are known for their positive impact on our health and skin. However, each of these incenses should be utilised with a suitable apparatus for safety considerations.
So, discover the magic of aromas in nature’s orchard of treasures hidden in plain sight and let it enchant your life.

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